Breakfast Pastries

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Breakfast Pastries

Cheese Danish

Opened, Closed or Closed with Almonds

Cinnamon Raisin Danish

Pecan Raisin Danish

With icing or Without icing

Fruit Danish

Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Lemon, Apricot, Prune, or Raspberry


Double Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Crumb, Apple Crumb, Carrot, Corn, Bran, Cranberry Orange, or Banana Chocolate Chip


Chocolate or Raspberry

Large Apple Turnover

Small Turnover Cherry, Blueberry, or Apple

Crumb Cake

Raspberry Crumb Cake


Almond Horn

Plain or Chocolate dipped

Puff Pastry

Blueberry, Cherry, or Pineapple